"Get This Book! Great Memories!"

- Lucie Arnaz



“What a gift! Len’s book offers a timeless memorial of Marvin Hamlisch… an in-depth portrait of a magnificent human being and a modern day musical genius. The notes that emanated from Marvin are forever floating out there, touching us all.”

-  Carolyn Mix & Darcy Doniger, 2 Note Botanical Perfumery




This book is simply wonderful! Len has managed to capture the artists and people connected to Marvin and his work and even Marvin himself in a unique way that captures what we all felt for him - LOVE! 

- J. Ernest Green



Terre-withbook copy.jpg

Terre Blair Hamlisch and Kevin Cole at the Ravinia Music Festival, Chicago 2015.




Luis Gabriel Biava, Music Director, New Albany Symphony Orchestra with Ariane Sletner



"Len's book truly captures Marvin's incredible life as well as so many of the artists who loved him and miss him dearly every day. I'm thrilled to be included in it! -  XOXO"

- Marissa McGowan




“At the risk of contradiction, there are two primary senses (at least as far as the arts are concerned) – seeing and hearing. In the case of Marvin Hamlisch, recordings and performances of his music preserve the later aspect of his legacy, and Len Prince’s photographs preserve the former. The Princce photographs capture the history, warmth, love, humanity, playfulness, and joy associated with Hamlisch, and do it with a similar artistry.” 

- Mark Eden Horowitz, Senior Music Specialist Music Division, Library Of Congress



"Photographer/Artist Len Prince has magnificently captured precious moments of family members and artists sharing their love about the man and his music, the one and only, Marvin Hamlisch. This unique book is a timeless heirloom treasure that every family should own. How luck am I to be a part of it."

- Valerie Lemon



"Len is not only my dear friend, but hands down my favorite photographer.  The Hamlisch photos are exquisite.  I especially love the shots of the NYU students performing the Sweet Smell of Success.

- Diane Baillargeon



"I was so happy to receive this wonderful photographic book documenting the life and work of Marvin Hamlisch. It is an amazing thing to be able to learn more about somebody through the lens of others, and I know that this book will provide warmth to everyone it reaches."     -Rocky Paterra



"Len Prince is a photographer of celebrities who has spent several years dedicating himself to the life and times of , and the tributes to, the late,great genius composer and conductor, Marvin Hamlisch.
The book takes you from infant photos from the Hamlisch family archives to the last photos of Marvin- taken by Len Prince -just weeks before Marvin's sudden, unexpected , and tragic death.
The stars who knew and loved him and his friends and family fill the book with commentary. They share their deep and personal experiences with Marvin with the reader. It is a book I treasure!" 

- Carol Luper



Love the book Remembering Marvin Hamlisch.  Loved his creative energy, collaborative spirit and passion for bring music and storytelling to life.  Truly inspirational. 

- John Patrick Moore, Artistic Associate, Central Works, Berkeley, CA


"Wow ! Marvin and Me !

"Thank you, Len Prince! Thank you for capturing so much about Marvin Hamlisch and doing it so beautifully. I will always cherish your book and sharing in the life of Marvin Hamlisch. I often think .... "if only." If only Marvin lived 20 more years .... just imagine! Congratulations on this wonderful book!" 

- Sharla Feldscher



"It was such an honor to be a part of Len Prince's photographic exhibit and book that reflected Marvin's amazing career.  Len's unique talent provides an organic and intimate lens into Marvin's life journey, allowing viewers to feel as if they were standing right beside him at every milestone moment. Thank you for sharing this genius with us all." 

- Marla Singer



"The quality of this book is simply amazing right down to the heavy paper used. But these photos deserve it! Len Prince has captured many public and intimate moments of the famous and not so famous celebrating the life of legendary composer Marvin Hamlisch. Many personal memories by those included as well. The cover photo makes it an an eye-catching coffee table book. I highly recommend to anyone who loves Marvin Hamlisch, theater, movies, music, and American culture." 

-W. Mitchell

"This book is a glorious tribute to Marvin. The photos are stunning and the quotes and comments really underscore the generosity of Marvin¹s spirit and humanity. I am humbled and honored to be included in the pages of this treasure." 

- Capathia Jenkins



Little Rock ArkansasPublic Library excepts Remembering Marvin Hamlisch The People's Composer by Len Prince
And is dedicated toTerreBlair Hamlisch's, Grandparents Blair and Grandparents Mitchell from Melbourne and Oxford Arkansas who Marvin loved and appreciated so much !



I was so moved by a recent event at the Columbus Art Museum to feel the spirit of this great -- and sadly departed -- master of life. The curating and photography brought Hamlisch's genius for joy to life, in fact the galleries, like this book, and made it irresistible. Thank you for such terrific work. It made my week!

- Molly O'Neill